Five Fun Free Games For Pre-School Girls

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Kids Food Games is an innovative high quality, family-friendly, educational toy Studio for Girls. The objective is to bring exciting, safe and enjoyable new educational games to little girls everywhere. In this brand new product the player gets to make and cook their own gourmet food in a range of recipes inspired by the best in modern culinary trends. The result is an outstanding, fun and innovative way for little girls to learn about food and enjoy creating it with friends.

With this brand new cooking and baking game you are asked to put together a variety of recipes based on popular TV shows like Masterchef. The objective of each game is to create the most delicious dish using a range of ingredients. They are supported by a range of entertaining songs, sounds and 5.1-voiced cartoon voices which help create the ambience and style of play. This game is designed for girls aged three and up.

In the second game Kids Food Games: Make Meeat You Fish there is no pretense that your daughters will be able to recreate a recipe correctly. Instead they simply pick one from a range of ingredients and serve it to their two hungry children. The kids get to choose between sweet, savoury, spicy, mild or salad. They are even allowed to name the dish whatever they want, making this game both as a fun and educational activity for both kids and parents.

The third in the series, Kids Food Games: Get To Cooking, introduces preschoolers to the various ingredients, cooking techniques and recipes involved in preparing tasty treats. Children are first shown how to use a mixing bowl, various utensils and pots before being taught to combine ingredients. At the end they create a recipe based on the ingredients they have used. This cooking game is ideal for pre-school age children as it allows them to put together ingredients easily and see how the final dish tastes. It also serves as a nice introduction to science as children learn to identify ingredients and their effects on food.

In the fourth game Girls Like Cooking, girls are given very detailed instructions about ingredients, cooking techniques and recipes before trying them out on a small kitchen set. The game gives girls the opportunity to make a simple meal or to prepare more complicated meals like those found in fancy restaurants. Although it does not have quite the same vocabulary or content as the other games, this one is still a very entertaining game as it encourages girls to think about and cook foods. After all, at an early age girls are encouraged to start learning how to cook.

The five games mentioned here are only a few examples of the hundreds of free games available for preschool and pre-school age girls on the Internet. There are many educational games that can be played for free online that can help develop the critical thinking and reasoning skills essential for school success. With so many different types of educational games available to girls, parents should not hesitate to introduce them to their children free of charge. Doing so not only exposes them to educational opportunities, but it will give them a great sense of pride and accomplishment for playing such an important part in their daughter’s development.

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