How To Buy The Right Motorcycle Helmet For You

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With the world we now live in it is quite a common sight to see people wearing motorcycle helmets, these being the biker helmets we all know of. When you look back into history you will find that the same types of helmets have been worn by various countries across the world for hundreds of years. So, why is it that when you look at these helmets you cannot help but notice the curvature of the cheekbones and the pointed chin?

The simple answer to this question is that they are not meant to be seen as a style statement. A well designed and constructed motorcycle helmet for one is in fact a functional head gear which protects your head in case of an accident. In order for the helmet to work properly you need to ensure that the straps hold securely around your head, the helmet should fit well and have no looseness, and the helmet should protect your whole head and not just your brow area. For this reason you should pay close attention when buying your motorcycle helmet.

There are many different kinds of motorcycle helmets that are available today. When you go to look at the different helmets on offer you will find that the styles include both full face and half-face helmets, this again making them available in all shapes and sizes. What you need to look for when you buy a motorcycle helmet is the three D’s, these being the D-anchor, D-curve and the D-box. These three D’s designate the shell of the helmet and this shell is what is covered when you buy a full face helmet. You should also remember that the more streamlined the shell the better the protection, in this respect you should look for a carbon fiber or fiberglass reinforced helmet.

When you look at the different designs you will find that some helmets have a visor which can be used to deflect grit and dirt from hitting the face and also reduce the visibility. You will also notice that there are helmets called racing helmets which are used for stunt driving and these usually have a snorkel which is a piece of plastic attached to the front of the helmet which enables you to breathe. If you want a helmet for motorcycle riding that is especially designed for motocross, you may wish to opt for a full-face design. These helmets have a hard shell over a soft one, they are lightweight but very durable and do have the added advantage of having a visor which can be used to deflect dirt.

Once you have decided what type of motorcycle helmet you are looking for you should take measurements of your head. It is best to take several photos so that you have a picture to reference. The helmet sizes can be found on the manufacturers website but if you are unsure of the size you should measure your head. When you have measured your head, it is time to decide which style you would like, there are two main helmet styles the classic open face helmet and the close-fitting full-face helmet. The close-fitting style is generally lighter than the classic and will be a good option for younger riders who have a short torso.

So now that you have decided what type of helmet for motorcycle riding you would like, next you need to choose a color. Black is probably the safest color but does tend to look boxy and uninspired. You could go for some other colors but the ones that look the coolest on your bike are red, orange, yellow and blue. Take your pick! Helmet standard safety certifications against lateral deformation of the helmet, as well as protecting the wearer from dangerous head injuries.

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