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Although the leaves of the atom plant are the source of the extract used to produce kratom powder, the name ‘kratom’ comes from the Burmese word “kratom” meaning ‘meadow’. This leaves, which are picked fresh, are then chewed to produce the distinctive flavor and odor of the atom. Locally grown in Thailand, Indonesia and other Asian countries, the atom is a natural treatment for pain and is one of the most effective natural remedies available. It is legal, safe and effective.

Since the active ingredients in kratom powder are extracted from the leaves, the product cannot be used to cure or treat any disease. Rather, it is used to provide pain relief and as an herbal treatment for a variety of ailments. The three main types of strains are green, red and white. Each has different properties and should be used according to the needs of the person seeking relief.

Green kratom is the most popular strain. It is harvested at the same location, the leaves are grown. Since the leaves are picked fresh, they retain all of their natural potency and are therefore more effective than the other strains. Some people have described the atom taste as tasting like strawberries or chocolate, although it is not uncommon to find some people saying it tastes like baker’s yeast or cauliflower.

Red kratom is sometimes called Asian opium. It is the strongest strain and has a stronger concentration of the atom alkaloids. It provides the most effective pain relief and is often used in combination with other herbs to provide a more complete pain relief. This type is also the most expensive type of kratom powder available.

White kratom for pain is the least expensive, but it does not contain any atom alkaloids. It is a simpler process to extract this from the root than the other strains. This kratom powder is used for a variety of purposes including a tea, a powder supplement, and in some cases, it can be smoked. Many people who use white kratom as a pain reliever report that they feel a different type of effect when they use it instead of the other strains.

Best kratom for pain relief depends on what you are using it for. Some people will experience strong pain relief from the kratom powder while others may not notice a difference in the severity of their pain. The decision is up to the individual as to which atom you want to purchase.

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