What Is A Pre-Construction Termite Service And How Can They Help?

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The professional crew that is hired to perform the various pest control services in Florida may be employed from a range of different companies. Some specialize in residential and commercial pest management while others are well suited for all sizes of businesses. Pre-Construction Termite Services is one of these companies that offer a comprehensive pest management service in Florida. They have qualified and trained pest control professionals on staff who can provide a variety of services designed to help alleviate the problems that often arise when a building is under construction. These can include finding and removing any insects that may be found within or on the surface of the foundation or slab.

Professional contractors that have an understanding of both the residential and commercial markets are the ones most likely to be employed by builders looking for quality pre-construction termite services. Contractors that are familiar with both types of termites have an edge over those who aren’t because they know how to handle and treat the different pest infestations that may occur as the result of construction. A good contractor will also understand how to offer an effective treatment plan to get rid of any existing insects on the foundation or slab without causing additional damage that will require even greater expenditures to eradicate. These will often include the use of professional pest control products like baits and injectors that are designed to specifically bond with termites and effectively kill them. Learn more information about Carefree termite control

There are several different classifications of pesticides that can be used to kill termites. The most commonly used product for this purpose in Florida is a termiticide that is designed to be injected into the ground around the foundation or slab. Once it has been injected deep into the earth, it will be rendered useless by the natural decay process that takes place beneath it. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners do not understand the full implications of using a termiticide as a treatment for an infestation, as many of them believe that using such products will be harmless to children, pets, and the environment. However, the consequences of using a pesticide on an unsuspecting consumer are actually very dangerous and can be more damaging than beneficial.

There is also a new construction alternative available in Florida that can help homeowners in areas with high bug infestations with an increase in convenience and efficiency. Sos exterminating experts offer a new construction service known as “Pre-Construction Remediation.” This service is ideal for homeowners in areas where there is a possibility that termites could affect the new construction, which is why it was developed. In order for this type of service to work, a new construction crew must be called in to dig a trench around the foundation or slab, and then the pest control professionals will be brought in to apply the appropriate chemicals to kill any existing insects. Because of the nature of the treatment, this is the only way to guarantee that the new construction site will be free of any insect infestations.

While this method does provide an added measure of security for the homeowner, it does require additional work for the contractors. The contractors will need to locate all existing insects, then eliminate them with a special chemical that is safe for humans and animals. After that, the hole is sealed with a custom-made waterproof membrane to ensure the safety of the workers and homeowners. It is not unusual for pre-construction termite services to take one day to finish the task, but homeowners should feel reassured that their home will be safe from these nasty bugs, even without the assistance of professional services.

Many people feel uneasy about calling in professional help for termite control, but when an infestation occurs, it is usually too late to do anything about it. A new pre-construction termite services company on the other hand can identify the problem right away, meaning that the homeowner can get out of the house while the contractors do something about it. This type of service may be more costly than traditional termite treatments, but it can often mean the difference between getting rid of pesky termites and paying a substantial bill to professional pest control companies.

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