What Is a Platform Game?

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Online video games refer to those that are played via the Internet or some other computer network accessible through a computer or modem. Some of these video games can be downloaded for free and others may have to be purchased. Some online video games are browser-based, while others are downloaded to a personal computer or game console. In some cases, online video games are distributed by downloading them to personal computers that have Internet connections, such as personal computers, laptops and smart phones.

There are two basic categories of online video games: multiplayer and single player. For multiplayer games, you will play with other players who are connected to the same server. A common multiplayer online game includes first person shooter games (shooters) and first person tank games (also tank games). Most multiplayer games feature both text and voice chat with various characters, both human and computer-generated, sometimes with added audio effects and special visual effects.

The most common type of multiplayer online video games are those where you can play with other players through a network or over a network of computers. These may include computer-based games such as Counter-Strike or Defense Minus, or text based video games such as World of Warcraft, which allows players to customize avatars, obtain weapons and vehicles, or build flying structures. A number of the multiplayer games offered for free on the Internet are free to play, but not all of them are. Those that are free often require players to log in to play and may also restrict certain features or even require a monthly fee. Some of the multiplayer games for PC that requires a monthly fee include the popular massively multiplayer World of Warcraft, which has several hundred thousand subscribers.

On the other hand, multiplayer PC video games that are free to play often lack certain features that require players to have Internet connection capabilities or to log in to play. Examples of these features include multi-player options that feature chat between players, and single-player characters that have their own objectives and game settings. Most social interaction in such single-player games are non-interactive, requiring players to use their keyboard to communicate instead of their voice. However, some multiplayer PC games have elaborate character customization options that allow players to change the physical attributes of their character, such as hair color, eye color, or clothing style. Visit judi dominoqq for more information.

The second major sub-genre of online multiplayer PC video gaming involves those games that take place on a single platform. There are games that are designed for the console platforms (including Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS) as well as those that are developed specifically for the PC. For example, a game that requires the player to log into Xbox Live might not require players to log onto the console itself. Similarly, a game that allows a player to play the game on a Mac platform may have a requirement that the player use a particular piece of software on Mac OS X to be able to successfully play the game.

The third major sub-genre of online multiplayer PC gaming includes titles that have player character controlled by mouse and keyboard. This includes titles like Need for Speed, Counter Strike, and Dance Revolution. These games typically have simple, two dimensional interface that enables the player to aim and fire their weapons. Some of these games are designed to work with a keyboard and have the ability to use various mouse and keyboard control schemes.

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